Step 01 - Hikashop basic setup

Want your own online shop?

This basic tutorial explains how to use Hikashop to create your own online shop. The demo of the website containing the finished shop, called myshop, can be seen here.

The website, myshop, can be downloaded for FREE here.


Basic configuration

When you first install Hikashop you will see the following screen.



You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the Plugin list (in the green panel) to see the menus.

From the System menu select Configuration.

Most of the Configuration settings can probably be left at their defaults for the time being. But go through each and alter to suit your own personal requirements. There are however a few configuration settings that need to be made now.

  • Go to the System menu and select Currency then select either EUR or USD if either one is the currency you want. If not, click on the green arrow and select the currency you want. Australian Dollar (AUD) has been selected in this instance.
  • A Currency Information window opens. Click on the Yes button alongside Published and you can leave the rest of the default settings for the time being.
  • Click the Save & Close button

The Hikashop documentation contains everything you need to know. Fanastic help and support is also provided in their forum.


Configuration of Currency, Taxes and Images

  • From the System menu select Configuration to see all the settings
  • Select the Main tab and then select the Currency menu item and choose AUD from the dropdown menu
  • Select the Main tab and then select the Taxes menu item and click the Edit button to the right of the Main Tax Zone
  • Click on Australia (or whatever country you require)
  • Click on the Images menu. This is where you set the size for thumbnails - the images displayed on the front end - and the size of the image on the main Product page. Ideally, your images should all the same size before you upload them. Sites where all the images are the same size just look better and more professional. If they are not then you should read this Hikashop documentation
  • You need image sizes that show the product to the best advantage. In a fashion site, that is really essential. As this is a fashion site, our image size will be 450px x 650px for all images
  • For Thumbnail width enter 225
  • For Thumbnail height enter 335
  • For Product page image width enter 315
  • For Product page image height enter 455

You will need to play around with image widths and heights to get the images how you want them. The sizes of images you upload and your choice of either a 3 or 4 column layout will also play a role. Get the width right first of all, then play around with the height and you should be OK.

The defaults on the Checkout, Display, Features, Plugins and Languages tabs can be left at their defaults for the time being. But have a look through each one and change any settings you want.

There is one setting that you should be aware of. From the Display tab select Modules main default options.

What you enter into the Number of items field determines the multiples that appear in the Display # Pagination dropdown menu at the bottom of the each page. This enables users to choose the number of items to view on each page. For example, because we have three columns of products, 6 has been entered so that users can choose to display 6, 12, 18 items - mulitples of 3. All the choices fit perfectly with our 3 columns. However, if you want 4 columns of products, then 8 would be a better choice. The user choices would then be 8, 16, 24 etc., multiples of 4.


Tax Rate

Australia has a Goods and Services Tax (GST) so a tax rate of 10% needs to be added to the cost of all products.


Create a new tax rate

From the System menu select Taxes.

Click on the button on the left of the New button named Manage rates. See image below.



In the window that opens click on the New button to create a new tax rate.




For Tax namekey enter GST. For Rate enter 10.

Click the Save & Close button.


Create a new tax rule

  • Go to the System menu and select Taxes
  • Click on the New button
  • For Product tax category select Default tax category
  • For Rate select GST (10%)
  • For Zone click the edit button and select Australia from the list
  • For Customer type select whatever is appropriate for you
  • For Published click the Yes button

A default GST tax rate has now been set for Australia. Because you have used the default rate, a GST of 10% will be added to all product prices automatically. Had you created a tax rate with a name other than the Default tax category, the tax rate would need to be selected when entering the details for each product.

Click the Save & Close button

Tutorial on creating a Tax Category (other than the Default tax category) can be found here.


Hikashop Modules

Go back to the Extensions menu and select Module Manager and you will see that a lot of Hikashop modules have been added. They are all unpublished at present so you can leave them as they are for the time being.

This completes this part of the tutorial. It's time now to create some Product Categories and then later, add some products.


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